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The Guide To Glowing Summer Skin!

As summer is fast approaching, wearing makeup can feel some what draining in the heat and by the time you make it home from work, you look in the mirror to see mascara smeared on your eye bags, streaky foundation and smudged brows. What could be worse?! Here are our...

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The Equality Glitter Palette – LGBT Pride Month

In honour of LGBT Pride Month, Take Two Cosmetics have just launched their Equality Palette, which yes you guessed it, consists of 12 beautiful bright and bold glitters!! The palette includes some of the most colourful shades within their collection, which is said to...

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The Secret To An Insane Glow!

The Take Two Cosmetics loose highlighters have been taking the internet by storm since their launch, primarily due to their pigmentation. Have you ever wondered how to get that glazed doughnut look? Well, loose highlighters are your go-to product! So, lets start with...

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As if Take Two Cosmetics couldn't give us enough glow, they have just launched their collection of liquid highlighters, consisting of 5 colours in total!!  What are liquid illuminators? Liquid illuminators consist of a cream like texture which can be applied as a...

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The New Craze – A Brow Cushion?

So, Take Two Cosmetics' new launch just revealed a 'Deluxe Brow Cushion' which consists of a two toned wet-like cushion and a duo ended brush to draw on the perfect sculpted brow! Plus, they are Vitamin E infused, which helps to naturally grow and thicken your...

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The Makeup Brush Set That You NEED!

Wait.. so Take Two Cosmetics just launched a vegan brush set?! Yes, you heard right. It has just been revealed that a 10pc brush set with a matching black and rose gold case will be available to the public from June 2018. This brush set differs from your standard set...

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