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The Equality Glitter Palette – LGBT Pride Month

The Equality Glitter Palette – LGBT Pride Month

In honour of LGBT Pride Month, Take Two Cosmetics have just launched their Equality Palette, which yes you guessed it, consists of 12 beautiful bright and bold glitters!! The palette includes some of the most colourful shades within their collection, which is said to resemble the fact that whilst everyone is different, they are still beautiful, which we think is a lovely concept!

The thing about glitter is that pictures never really do them justice as you can never see how they sparkle. Nevertheless, we have got our hands on one of these beauties to show you guys the full effect. So, here it is:

Click Here To View The Equality Palette Video

How do you apply pressed glitter?
Pressed glitter sounds more difficult than it actually is, but in fact it is actually so quick and easy to apply! All you will need is a small flat brush, sweep it across the glitter pan and apply it to wherever you want!

Price: £30 (which is just £2.50 each glitter)