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The Secret To An Insane Glow!

The Secret To An Insane Glow!

The Take Two Cosmetics loose highlighters have been taking the internet by storm since their launch, primarily due to their pigmentation. Have you ever wondered how to get that glazed doughnut look? Well, loose highlighters are your go-to product!

So, lets start with the basics;

What are loose highlighters?
It is what it says on the tin, they are loose highlighting powders that are much more pigmented than your average pressed highlighters. However, as expected, they can be a little more messy than pressed highlighters and fall out may inevitably occur when applying. 

How do you use loose highlighters?
Now i’m going to warn you here, loose highlighters can get a little messy (especially if you don’t have a steady hand). It is pretty similar to the loose powder you apply when baking your face (e.g. translucent powder) but basically just a shiny version. The best way to apply loose highlighters is to take a small amount of product on your highlighting brush, and apply to your face. It really is important that you don’t go ahead and dunk your brush into loose highlighter and apply it that way as you’ll end up with a streak on your face, which doesn’t look too great. It is so much easier to apply small amounts of loose highlighter and build up the glow to how you like it.

Loose Highlighter

Tell us more about the Take Two Cosmetics loose highlighters!

Net Wt: 8G
How many shades are available? In total, there are 10 incredible shades.
Are all 10 shades suitable for all skin tones? No.  Unlike most brands, Take Two Cosmetics has shades that are suitable for all skin tones and some darker tones specifically designed for those with that extra melanin glow! 

loose highlighter cosmetics

Which shades are suitable for all skin tones? Glow Getter, Cassiopeia, Sugar Daddy, Love Potion, Celestial Lights & Unicorn Tears.

Which shades are designed for those with darker skin tones? Cleopatra, Twilight, Elusive Gold & Gold Mine. 


Loose Highlighters

Are the loose highlighters worth the money? YESSSS! These loose highlighters are incredibly pigmented! The smallest amount goes such a long way, so your 8G pot, although it doesn’t sound like a lot, will last you a pretty long time!

Price: £15.00 / Approx $20

Where can i purchase them? You can purchase them here