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The New Craze – A Brow Cushion?

The New Craze – A Brow Cushion?

So, Take Two Cosmetics’ new launch just revealed a ‘Deluxe Brow Cushion’ which consists of a two toned wet-like cushion and a duo ended brush to draw on the perfect sculpted brow! Plus, they are Vitamin E infused, which helps to naturally grow and thicken your eyebrows! What more could you ask for?!

How many colours are available? At present, there are two compacts available. Each compact consists of two tones in one. Here’s a closer look;

Pecan:Pecan Brow Cushion

Onyx:Onyx Brow Cushion

How to tell which colour is right for you?
Their website gives a brief indication of which colour would suit each individual best.
Pecan: Ideal for those with fair hair, i.e. blondes, redheads or mousey browns.
Onyx: Ideal for those with darker hair, i.e. brunettes.

Are the compacts easy to carry in your bag? Yes! The compact is relatively small, so is perfect to carry as an essential in your handbag if you need to top up. However, the deluxe brow cushion is sweat-proof and water-proof, so you shouldn’t need to top up throughout the day (even if it has been pouring down and you are a windswept mess!)

Price: £16.99/ Approx $23
Cruelty Free? Yes! All of Take Two Cosmetics’ products are cruelty-free!

Here are some pictures of customers wearing them!

Pecan Brow Cushion - FeliciaAveklew

@FeliciaAveklew wearing shade Pecan

Pecan Brow Cushion

@BeautyByAmyEllis wearing shade Pecan

Michelle Diaz - Onyx Brow Cushion

@MichellexDiaz wearing shade Onyx


Could this miracle cushion be the answer to perfect brows? We think so!

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