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Pressed Glitter VS Loose Glitter – What’s the difference?

Pressed Glitter VS Loose Glitter – What’s the difference?

LOOSE GLITTER vs PRESSED GLITTER; WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE? Who doesn’t love glitter? I mean, that added sparkle instantly takes your office look to weekend glam on the go! But, the question is, which is better – loose or pressed glitter? Here’s our verdict: Take Two Cosmetics has over 25 different shades of glitters, making it one of the largest glitter collections in a luxury makeup brand! You can view the collection here.

Makeup By Riquelle

@makeupbyriquelle wearing our amethyst glitter


Marisol Bautisaa Glitter

@marisolbautistaa wearing our cocoa glitter


What is loose glitter & how is it applied?
Loose glitter is in dry form and will need to be applied with a glitter adhesive, such as the NYX glitter primer. For best use, I would recommend a flat brush to apply the glitter

loose makeup glitter

Pros of loose glitter:

•Can be built up easily

•Easy to carry on the go

Cons of loose glitter:

•Can get messy when applying

•Need to purchase a glitter adhesive safe for cosmetic use


 @lyssaxlouise wearing our rose glitter



@divaadana wearing our esmerelda glitter


What is pressed glitter and how is it applied?
Pressed glitter is mixed with other ingredients to help create a semi-wet like texture. This texture acts as an adhesive and will apply to your eyes and face without the need of any glitter glue. Pressed glitters can be applied with your finger or a brush. I would recommend applying with a brush for a more precise application. Ps. I would also recommend investing in the Take Two Cosmetics magnetic palette as this will hold up to 12 of your favourite pressed glitters from their collection!

pressed glitter

Pros of pressed glitter:

•No glitter glue is required when applying

•Easy and quick to use

•Less mess than loose glitter

•Less fallout

Cons of pressed glitter:

•May transfer if you have oily skin or hooded eyelids

•Individual pans are fragile and may break if dropped


 @farahpromakeup wearing our pharaoh’s   throne glitter


@strashme wearing our esmerelda glitter


Comparing prices & net weight:

Take Two Cosmetics Loose Glitter Price: £4 (Net Wt: 3G)

NYX Loose Glitter Price: £6 (Net Wt: 2.5G)

Smolder Cosmetics Loose Glitter Price: £7 (Net Wt: 3.5G)

LA Splash Loose Glitter Price £8.95 (Net Wt: 3.5G)

Sara Hill Loose Glitter Price: £15.50 (Net Wt: 4G)

Take Two Cosmetics Pressed Glitter Price: £6.75 (Net Wt: 3G)

OPV Beauty Pressed Glitter Price: £8 (Net Wt: 4G)

Glitter injections Pressed glitter Price: $12.99 (£9.78) (Net Wt Unknown)



@ewalkk wearing our soleil glitter


VERDICT: Although both pressed & loose glitter have the same end results, we would recommend pressed glitter as the pros far outweigh the cons. Pressed glitter can be applied super easy with a flat brush and has no or very little fall out in comparison to loose glitter. When applying loose glitter, you’ll also have the headache of finding a suitable makeup glitter primer and that it is of good quality so it holds the glitter in place.