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The Makeup Brush Set That You NEED!

The Makeup Brush Set That You NEED!

Wait.. so Take Two Cosmetics just launched a vegan brush set?! Yes, you heard right. It has just been revealed that a 10pc brush set with a matching black and rose gold case will be available to the public from June 2018. This brush set differs from your standard set which has only a few selected brushes. Unlike many other brands, the founder of Take Two wanted an essential brush set that includes all of the brushes you will need to create the perfect glam.

So what does the brush set include? In total, there are 11 pieces in the set which include;

For the base – 

•Foundation Brush

•Blusher Brush

•Powder Brush

•Concealer Brush

•Highlighter Fan Brush

•Beauty Blender

For the eyes – 

•Blending Brush

•Crease Brush

•Mini Crease Brush

•Glitter Brush

+ a PU black textured carry case

MakeupBrush Set

Credit: @Beautahaulic


What do the brushes feel like? The brushes are incredibly soft and apply makeup really well.

Are they easy to clean? Yes! Unlike some brushes that take ages to clean thoroughly, these brushes clean very easily and go back to their original colour when cleaned. This means that they will look like new every time, which is especially important when you have makeup clients as no one likes a dirty brush!

Price: £25

You can purchase this makeup brush set here